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Zul Faden's upcoming public gig:
-Late April at Airport Mall.

Widely known as Zul F, and affectionately called Zul by his friends, Zul Faden is a well-known singer in the little oil-rich country of Brunei Darussalam. Once a part of the local group Pneumatic Soulz, he is now arguably the most successful Bruneian solo artist.
The road to musical passion was neither easy nor straight-forward. At age 7 Zul Faden’s father brought him to the Brunei stadium where, unbeknownst to him, he was expected to perform with his Kindergarten friends in front of an audience. The revelation so shocked Zul Faden that he ran back to the car in tears.
But music was always in his blood. As a child, Zul Faden could be found humming to himself. His aunt would ask him to record the English radio shows broadcast on Brunei’s airwaves and the two would happily enjoy the music into the night.
An opportune time came during his high school years at St. Andrews. Zul Faden and his friends auditioned for the school’s talent competition. Ironically, they won not for singing but for dancing. The stage, however, was set and Zul Faden found himself performing in front and audience during the school’s Teacher’s Day celebration.
It seemed that Zul Faden was on his way to singing under the spotlight. More encouragement arrived while he was studying in Jerudong International School. While studying at JIS, another talent competition presented itself in Talent Quest and Zul Faden jumped at the chance to compete. This time he emerged as champion and discovered the draw of being an entertainer.
Time came to pursue higher education and Zul Faden opted to study in Perth. The Land Down Under provided him with yet another opportunity for the star-in-the-making to shine. Zul Faden enrolled in an Artist Development Program and once again passed the auditions. But tragic news would arrive at his door step within the first year of his studies: his parents divorced. Being the ever-responsible eldest son Zul Faden chose to give up his place in the program and return home to be by his mother’s side.
Enrolling in the local University of Brunei Darussalam Zul Faden began preparing for a career in education. But it was 2005 that marked the turning point for the enthusiastic singer. Zul Faden passed the auditions for Bakat, a local talent search competition. But fate decided to throw a curve ball forcing Bakat to cancel further concerts. Fortunately Passport 2 Fame, Brunei’s First Reality Talent Show, crowned Zul Faden as their first champion. In that same year, Zul Faden recorded “Engkau Adalah Cinta” in Kuala Lumpur and performed the song in Malaysia’s Selayang Stadium. Zul Faden also sang for His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei’s 60th Birthday.
The next 2 years was an over-whelming time for Zul Faden as he was whisked away to live the life of a celebrity. Not only did he launch his first single, “Bersama Bintang” in Brunei, he became Brunei’s first artist to debut a music video, “Dari Mata” on MTV Asia.
2011 marks the year that Zul Faden will release his first full album. A collaboration with Lily Chiam & Hans Anwar, the album will feature 10 songs. The songs range from ballads to pop, R&B and soul. The album is slated for release on October 22nd.Despite having a foot in the high-flying life, Zul Faden is an easy-going person with a good sense of humour. He realizes that he has been blessed and stresses a connection to God as guide.
What does the future hold for Zul Faden? He hopes to one day collaborate with Malaysia’s Dayang Nurfaizah, Indonesia’s Afgan, Philippines’ Jay-R and Roselle Nova and the fabulous Mariah Carey.

Zul Faden's portfolio(as a singer & model)

  • First Champion of Passport 2 Fame (P2F), Brunei’s First Reality Talent Show; equivalent to an Idol show.
  • Recording “Engkau Adalah Cinta”, ProDG Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Guest Artist, Product Launching Ceremony in Selayang Stadium, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Konsert Dirgahayu Emas, for His Majesty, The Sultan’s 60th birthday.
  • Guest Artist at RTB Awards, local TV awards show.
  • Launched first single album ‘Bersama Bintang’, at The Mall, Gadong, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Pelangi FM’s First Artist of The Month.
  • Konsert DiRaja, for His Majesty, The Sultan’s 61st birthday. Performed alongside Siti Nurhaliza, Vince, among many others.
  • ‘Best Male Vocals Award’, Pelangi Music Awards, Brunei Darussalam.

  • Debut Music Video – Dari Mata, on MTV Asia’, first Bruneian artiste to have music video on MTV.
  • ‘Best Male Vocals Award’, Pelangi Music Awards, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Pelangi FM’s Top Male Artist.
  • ‘Dazzling Double Year End Countdown’, biggest New Year’s Countdown event at Jerudong Park Playground in Brunei.

  • ‘Dazzling Double Year End Countdown’, biggest New Year’s Countdown event at Jerudong Park Playground in Brunei.
  • Guest Artist for ASEAN Icon, representing Brunei, performing with Dina (Runner Up for Malaysian Idol), Vina Morales (ASEAN Icon from Philippines) & Astrid (Indonesia).
  • Special Guest Artist, Jerudong International School’s 10th Year Anniversary, Empire Hotel, Brunei Darussalam.
  • NBT Raya, Special Hari Raya Appearance & Performance for NBT customers.

  • Most Popular Male Artiste, RTB Awards, Brunei.
  • Guest Artist, Rhapsodi Hitz, Singapore / Brunei, Suria Studio, Singapore.
  • Guest Artist, performed a duet with Maria during RTB Appreciation Night.Ambassador for Toyota Vios, NBT Brunei.
  • Image Model for A.L. Professional Hairstylist Salon.

  • Special Guest Artist, Leap of Creation Concert (organized by Expression Music School) ; debuted 1st English single “Speechless”.
  • Guest Artist, Rhapsodi Fiesta, Brunei / Singapore, Jerudong Park Amphitheatre. Performed alongside ASEAN Idol/Singapore Idol Hady Mirza.
  • Pelangi FM’s Artist of The Month, for the month of November (second time)
  • Guest Speaker, talk show “Review”, RTB.

  • Guest Judge & Performer, Time Square DJ Competition.
  • Special Interview & Coverage by Central China TV (CCTV), in conjunction with Chinese New Year Celebration.
  • Award Presenter, RTB Awards.
  • Talk Show Host, Expression Music (interviewing Lily Chiam about her new album ; Top Female pianist in Brunei).
  • Recording Jerudong Park Theme Song with Maria (Top Bruneian Female Artiste), Re-launching Ceremony of Jerudong Park Playground.
  • Guest Performer, “Enlightening Japan / Brunei Night” (charity concert to raise funds for Tsunami victims); live broadcast on Nippon TV, Japan.
  • Guest Celebrity on “IDOLAKU”, a local celebrity talk show, RTB.
  • Guest artist on “SELOKA HARI RAYA”, Hari Raya show on RTB.
  • Guest Artist, ASEAN Tourism Fair concert, Osaka, Japan.
  • Songket Wedding Showcase at International Convention Centre, Berakas.
  • Ambassador of Goodwill & Image Model for Jerudong Park Playground.
  • Launched "Memori Cinta" his debut album at Jerudong Park Country & club Mini Amphitheater
  • Won the Anugerah Pelangi 2010/2011 in the "Chosen Male Vocalist" category

As a composer
Zul Faden continues to display his love for music by writing songs, either by himself or in collaboration with other artists.
Zul Faden actually started writing as a teenager but had not built confidence to sing his own songs. Early in his career he relied on producers from Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to write songs for him. After translating “Where Can I Go?” (a song by Lily Chiam) into “Manaku Pergi”, he started believing in his own abilities. He continues to write songs and has a collection for future projects.
Below are some of the songs he has written to date.
  1. Hadirmu Disisi (co-written by Zul Faden & Pneumatic Soulz)
  2. Will I Ever (co-written by Zul Faden & Brian Idris)
  3. Takkan Lagi Ku Tangisi (co-written by Zul Faden & Mirul)
  4. I Don’t Want Love songs (co-written by Zul Faden & Hans Anuar)
  5. Selamanya
  6. Kasih
  7. Melodi Cinta Kita
  8. Don’t Wanna
  9. Jangan Sesali
  10. Speechless
  11. Manaku Pergi


Some news archive of Zul:

Zul Faden's Birthday
Date: 24 October 2011

Album & Website Launch
Album Launch & Website launch.
Date: 22 October 2011 19:00

Rampai Pagi Interview
Sunday, October 16th. Interview on RTB. Zul Faden will be talking about his album and website launch as well as performing live.
Date: 21 October 2011 09:40

Pelangi FM's Artist of the Month: Exclusive Interview
Date: 15 October 2011 16:00

Album promotion
Album promotion - early October. Venue to be confirmed.
Date: 10 October 2011

Musical Garden Wedding Fair 2011
Celebrity Model for the event. Will be held at The Mall, Gadong.
Date: 08 October 2011 20:00

Album & Website Pre-Launch Press Conference
Jerudong Park and Country Club.
Date: 07 October 2011 15:00

Pelangi Awards Chosen Male Vocals Top 5 Finalist
Contenders are Alilah, Fakhrul Razi, Hill Zaini & Rafiz.
Date: 03 October 2011

Pelangi FM's Artist of the Month
Exclusive Interview, album promotion, Zul Faden's Trivia Quiz for the fans. Stand a chance to win exclusive prizes courtesy of Zul Faden, Jerudong Park & Country Club and Fratini's Restaurant.
Date: 01 October 2011

EDEXCEL Appreciation Dinner
EDEXCEL Appreciation Dinner @ Orchid Garden Hotel.
Date: 30 September 2011 20:00

Performance in Osaka, Japan
Performance in Osaka, Japan for Brunei Tourism. Performing with ASEAN Celebrity Artists. A week's worth of performances in The Land of the Rising Sun. Zul Faden will also be promoting his album.
Date: 18 September 2011

"Jangan Sesali" released on Kristal + interview
The Official release of "Jangan Sesali" on Kristal 90.7 FM on Saturday, 17th Sept 2011,11.30am. Zul Faden will also be interviewed by DJ Daffy where he will discuss the album & website launch as well as upcoming shows.
Date: 17 September 2011 11:30

"Jangan Sesali" officially released on Pelangi 91.4FM
Latest single "Jangan Sesali" officially released on Pelangi 91.4FM on Sept 8th, 5pm.
Date: 08 September 2011 17:00

UBD FM interview
UBD FM interview, August 24th, 9pm. Discussed music career, achievements & previewed tracks from upcoming album,"Memori Cinta Zul Faden".
Date: 24 August 2011 21:00

Some of Zul Faden's video clips:

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Zul Faden's facebook account
Zul Faden's second facebook account
Zul Faden's fanpage on facebook
Zul F's facebook fanpage.
Zul Faden's official twitter account
The last but not least...
Zul Faden's official website | Brunei's own singer,composer & model

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