Yours Truly

 Me with my super adorable nephews. :))
 Zul & I at rainforest gallery for a music video shoot.
 Zul & I at Jerudong Park Mini Amphitheater
 At some party. :))
Zul & I at Airport Mall.Didchu notice that both of us are wearing pink?
Pink is da colour!
We duh awesome! :P

Heyy! Thanks for visiting.So,I'm just an ordinary school kid like everyone and I love horror books and movies.I can be super crazy at times but I'm just being me! =) I'm always happy and you seldom see me being sad.Well,actually,I'm an emotional roller-coaster who only shows her happy exterior but actually I'm suffering in silence.

I prefer to go out rather than stay at home.When i say go out,I meant hanging out with some friends,exercising,watching some performances by our own Bruneian artist.WAIT! The name's Melody.C =)

I take love super seriously though Im a sucker at romance.I definitely hate players and people who don't take relationships seriously,Who doesn't right?! Hehe.To me,A boyfriend is someone who is suppose to be there whenever I need him,someone who cares for me,someone who showers his love unconditionally and someone who would wanna spend every single minute with you even though you are in a school.

I don't mind what people say about me,well,can break my heart sometimes,but heyy,reality is always harsh and life is unkind! Just live with it and get the hang of it!

My idol is Zul.Was born with the name Mohd Zul Fakhari & Mohd Amiruddin,was widely known as Zul F.But he has came back with a better name after his website & album launch.Our one & only.....Zul Faden. :)) He has a good voice range.He can go from very low to SUPER HIGH.Higher than you can if you are a girl.That's the awesome part.Hehe.

His album,Memori Cinta

His logo. =)

Feel free to read "All about Zul Faden" right under my banner. =)